rockwell axles

Rockwell Differential Information & Parts

Rockwell differentials are among the most affordable and strongest differentials out there. Since the rockwell differenetial comes from Military axles they are harder to come by than your average Dana 60 and Dana 44 axle.

The rockwell differential is also different because it is a top loading differential and this makes it a double edged sword. The axle is very easy to work on the problem is when it comes time to work on a suspension or build an axle truss. The extremely large rockwell differential may now be in the way. There are many rockwell suspension kits on the market now that utilize the large rockwell differential and this will aid in properly setting up your suspension.

Another common problem with the large rockwell differential is on full sized rigs or any rig with a full body the differential may force the vehicle to sit higher than it would with say a dana 60 axle or a dana 44 axle. For a buggy or off-road only vehicle this is not so much a concern as they can place the large differential (entire rockwell) where they want it.

If you are going to be pulling the differential apart to install a detroit locker or to weld the differential be ready to lift some serious weight. The rockwell differential removes from the top and weighs in at 220lbs or more. (Some people have weighed it at around 300lbs.) Either way, when removing the differential from a rockwell axle be sure to use at least two people or a cherry picker to make life easier.

This is a front rockwell axle.

front rockwell axle
You can run the front axle hubs in or hubs out to make it wider.

This is a rear rockwell axle.

rear rockwell axle
You can aso flip the hubs in or out on this axle.


* All information is regarding the 2.5 Ton Rockwell Axle. Rockwell does make 5 Ton and larger / different axles too.